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Intrinsically Safe Indicators

The intrinsically safe range of indicators from GSE is based on the 350 Series and feature all of the functionality of the base range including EC Class III approval.



  IS Family  

Models 350IS & 355IS

Power is either by a battery pack that is mounted in the bracket and can be removed to the safe area for charing or by an external AC/DC mains adaptor that can be located in either the safe area or the hazardous area.


For interfacing to external process control equipment a separate "safe area hub" can be created using a standard 350/355 indicator configured as a slave and equipped with a fibre optic interface. This "safe area hub" can then house relay output boards, analogue output board, RS485 and 20mA boards and a standard RS232 interface.


For further information and full specifications please refer to the product literature.


Click to open in a new window Literature (816KB)